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Christenson Chevy SuperStore Gears for Winter Maintenance with These Helpful Tips!

There is no doubt that winter is alive and, well...cold in Northwest Indiana. The season prompts many in our region to get their winter maintenance into gear. Why? Because everyone’s worst fear is being stranded in the middle of nowhere due to a car failure that could have been easily fixed. This is the time that car owners must be overprotective of their vehicles and consider extra precautionary care.

We spoke with Christenson Chevy Superstore's Service Director, Gary Goodwin, for some tips on winter maintenance that can apply to anyone who is driving a car during this time of year—especially those in our region.

Check batteries on vehicles.
Why? If a car battery dies, the car will not start which can create another list of hassles and to-do’s, starting off with a hefty toll away bill. Winter weather affects a vehicle's battery more predominately than in any other season so maintaining frequent checkups are crucial for its health.

“If the battery is over 3 years old, it’s time to replace that one so there are no problems,” Goodwin said. “Just because you aren’t having a problem, doesn’t mean there isn’t one.”

Make sure your antifreeze is always full.
Why? If this is not maintained, the engine may very well overheat, or freeze up. Ensuring the Overflow jug under the hood is filled to the proper level is crucial. However, antifreeze does not have to be at 100 to be “full.”Additionally, if this is not maintained, it can seriously affect the overall health of the vehicle.

One can easily check their antifreeze by frequently popping the hood and checking to see if it is appropriately full. For further assistance, visit Christenson Chevy for a quick checkup to ensure levels are adequate.

“The last thing you want is for your car to not start in the morning, at the grocery store, or while driving,” Goodwin said.

Always check the tires on your vehicle.
Why? Ensuring there is enough tread life and air pressure can guarantee no accidents or tire popping on the roads.

Because of snow, pavements are obviously going to be wet. This, in turn, is why tread life is so important this time of year. If you are unsure about the tread life on your vehicle, bring it into Christenson Chevy for a checkup.

Otherwise, Goodwin suggested the Penny Test. First, place a penny head first into a tread groove in the tire. If you see the top of Lincoln’s head, that means that the treads are worn and need replacing.2019chevypennything

“Many people ask, ‘Is that 100% worn out?’” Goodwin said, referring to tire wear and tread. “I refer to this analogy: Do you get new shoes when you finally wear out a hole in them, or before the hole appears? It’s the same idea with cars.”

Tire Pressure
Check tire pressure gauges weekly. During the winter, the tire is more porous than usual and loses air quicker.

“It’s just like if you had a basketball that you played with in the summer. Winter came, so you put the basketball in the garage for the season. By Springtime, the ball has lost almost all of its air and there wasn’t a hole in it,” Goodwin said. “It’s the same principle with a tire over time, especially when it's cold outside.”

Change Wiper Blades Up to Every Six Months
Why? Too often, people don’t remember to change their blades until they are in a snowstorm unable to see the road.

For more information about car maintenence, or to set up an appointment visit https://www.christensonchevy.net/.


Christenson Chevy Superstore
9700 Indianapolis Blvd. Highland, IN 46322
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Christenson Chevy Superstore
9700 Indianapolis Blvd. Highland, IN 46322
Visit Christenson Chevy Superstore Partner Profile

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