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2020 KIA Telluride: A Chicago Auto Show Preview brought to you by Thomas KIA of Highland


Unleash your sense of family adventure with KIA’s largest SUV ever.

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Christenson Chevy SuperStore Gears for Winter Maintenance with These Helpful Tips!

2019ChevyChristenson (1)

There is no doubt that winter is alive and, well...cold in Northwest Indiana. The season prompts many in our region to get their winter maintenance into gear. Why? Because everyone’s worst fear is being stranded in the middle of nowhere due to a car failure that could have been easily fixed. This is the time that car owners must be overprotective of their vehicles and consider extra precautionary care.

We spoke with Christenson Chevy Superstore's Service Director, Gary Goodwin, for some tips on winter maintenance that can apply to anyone who is driving a car during this time of year—especially those in our region.

Check batteries on vehicles.
Why? If a car battery dies, the car will not start which can create another list of hassles and to-do’s, starting off with a hefty toll away bill. Winter weather affects a...

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5 Tips for Safe Driving This Holiday Season


With the holidays among us, it’s important to keep your car running so you're not stranded traveling between events. Luckily, Levin Tire & Service Center is here with five simple things you can do to keep your car running in tip-top shape.

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The 2019 Chevy Silverado is an Evolution of a Modern Classic


The Chevy Silverado is a modern classic, a workhorse for Americans nationwide since its introduction in 1998, and it is about to get better than ever. With a redesign from the ground up, eight different models, and six engine/transmission choices, the 2019 Silverado is poised to evolve the iconic truck in new and exciting ways.

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Levin Tire & Service Center: Your One-Stop Winter Spot


As we move from construction season into shoveling season, it’s important to make sure your car is ready for the road – and weather – ahead. Levin Tire & Service Center has 6 locations in Lake and Porter Counties to help you with your car’s cold weather needs – and the customer reviews to back up their claims of excellence.

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Young Drivers: The Basics

currieee 1 1200x800

Bobby, before you drive to pick up Christina for the Winter Formal, you need to know some car basics. You may think you know everything, but just in case, we joined forces with Currie Motors Ford of Valpo to make sure you’re equipped with everything you need to know about how your car works, which preventative maintenance techniques are a must, and how to be a smart driver!

Car Engine Oil: What is it Good For?

What is oil really for, you ask? Why, to keep your engine cool, lubricated, and clean! That’s why oil changes are important. A lack of oil leads to lacquer and carbonaceous deposits (thermal degradation), varnish and sludge (oxidation), and a plethora of soot and tar (compression heating)! A dirtier engine leads to problems galore, including the potential for it to...

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Sauers Buick GMC Collision Center


Few things in life are more stressful than a car accident. This is true for both minor fender benders and serious crashes; dealing with insurance companies, rental cars, and of course, repairs. Naturally, people want their problems resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible. That’s why Sauers Buick GMC Collision Center does everything it can to take the stress from managing the aftermath of an accident onto its shoulders, giving customers a quick and easy transition into their newly repaired vehicle.

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International Subaru of Merrillville Donates 150 Books to South Haven Elementary School


International Subaru of Merrillville spread a little warmth to the students at South Haven Elementary School on a cold Monday morning. Sales consultants Nick Ferguson and Chris Smith Jr. stopped by to drop off several boxes comprising 150 books, as a donation to the school’s library.

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Meet Levin Tire of Hobart's Jerry "Butch" Fairchild


If you’ve owned a car for any length of time, you’ve no doubt come to experience one of the inevitable truths of car ownership: regardless of year, make, or model, cars break down. For the last 100 years, Levin Tire has been here to help Northwest Indiana residents get back on the road, with the help of employees like Levin’s very own Jerry “Butch” Fairchild.

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International Subaru of Merrillville, a Hub of Excellence for Northwest Indiana Car Buyers


In their time serving the Greater Chicagoland area, International Subaru of Merrillville have taken customer satisfaction as their highest priority, taking time to know each and every driver they meet. Creating a pressure-free environment and taking the outlook that it is more important to find the right car for the individual’s lifestyle than sell a car, International Subaru of Merrillville has created a pleasant atmosphere to which customers return time and time again.

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Top Tips for Car Owners Brought to You By Currie Motors Ford of Valpo


New car or old bucket of bolts: no matter what your situation is, it’s important to keep up on your car care. Currie Motors Ford of Valpo knows this better than most, and while they’ll help you find a new or used car when needed, they want to be sure you also know how to care for the one you’ve got!

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