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Eric Greiner Brings Quality Care and Synergy to Winfield Levin Tire & Service Center


From the U.S. Air Force to police work to weaponry, Eric Greiner has now found a home in a different arena: making the car you drive every day run at it’s best. Greiner, new manager for the Winfield Levin Tire & Service Center, brings a lot to the table, connecting all of his previous experience to providing the best service in the area.

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$200 Rebate on New Goodyear WeatherReady Tire at Levin Tire & Service Center

Levin-Tire-and-Service-Center-2017 The Levin Tire and Service Centers of Northwest Indiana are known for their expertise and impressive variety when it comes to tires. Their nearly 100 years of experience and dedicated staff make them experts in the field, and more than capable of recommending the right product for customer needs. Included in that expertise is information on the newest products and the deals associated with them.

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Currie Motors Ford of Valpo Employee Spotlight: Leo Sfikas


Employees capable of running a store and motivating their colleagues are a vital part of every business. Finding that person is one of the most rewarding parts of owning a business, and ensures the success of a business within a community.

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Carl Kmiec of Muller Acura Overcomes Obstacles Off-Road and On the Job


Carl Kmiec started working at Muller Acura at the beginning of the year, though he’s been in the car business for quite a while now. For a veteran of the auto sales business, there are a lot of attributes that really set Muller Acura of Merrillville apart from the rest.

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Thomas Kia Named Indiana's #1 Certified Kia Dealership!

For those who have had a car buying experience at Thomas Kia previously, this may not come as a surprise, but they have recently been named Indiana’s #1 Certified Kia Dealership. This is helped by the fact that they have the largest selection of used and pre-owned Kia vehicles as well as their excellent customer service.

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Meet The Levin Tire & Service Center Team at Highland!


Finding a trusted place to care for the family car can be difficult and time consuming, but once the car makes a funny noise, getting somewhere quickly is top priority. Caring for the car doesn’t mean you need to lose out on valuable time, though. The Levin Tire & Service Center in Highland has a knowledgeable staff ready to take care of a number of issues, all while keeping customers entertained with valuable amenities.

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Levin Tire & Service Center: Tire Warning Signs

Levin-Tire-and-Service-Center-Tire-Warning-SignsLevin Tire and Service Center in Highland, IN wants you to know the warning signs that you may need a new set of tires.

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Meet the Levin Tire and Service Center Team at Crown Point!


Levin Tire and Service Center has been serving the Northwest Indiana communities since 1918. Whether it’s tires, oil, brakes, or any other automotive issue their centers help to take care of, each facility has been providing exceptional service for nearly a century. The Crown Point location is no exception to this reputation!

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Head to Ford of Valpo To See How You Can Begin Using FordPass in Your Vehicle Today!


Getting service done on your vehicle is never much fun. Between remembering when to do it, getting the service scheduled, and then paying for it, it’s a large chunk of time that you can never get back. Routine maintenance is important to the life of your vehicle, though, which is why Ford is making it even easier!

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Levin Tire & Service Center: What is Leaking from my Car?

Levin-Tire-and-Service-Center-What-is-Leaking-from-my-CarWe’ve all been there before. You pull out of a parking spot and notice a big puddle under your car.

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Ford of Valpo Gives Back With Community Involvement

Ford-of-Valpo-community-involvementA car dealership may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of community involvement, but Ford of Valpo certainly should be! Every month they participate in or sponsor a variety of events aimed at improving and supporting the community they work in. Events range from month to month in number, scope, and type, but it can be counted on that the people at Ford of Valpo will be involved in something to benefit the community.

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