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City of Valparaiso Welcomes Launch of ValpoLife.com

Dear Readers,

On behalf of the City of Valparaiso, I'd like to welcome VALPOLIFE.com to our city. We're excited about the ways the site will help people connect in Valparaiso. Want to know the score or schedule for local sports? Interested in checking out a new restaurant? Want an update on the latest city projects? This innovative - and interactive - site connects you to the information and events that drive Valparaiso.

The city's entire leadership team welcomes VALPOLIFE.com as a way to showcase our city. Both residents and visitors alike will appreciate having a single spot to access so much positive information. We encourage you to bookmark VALPOLIFE.com so that you can take advantage of the local events, shop the local businesses, and benefit from all that Valparaiso has to offer.

We look forward to connecting with the community through VALPOLIFE.com!

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“It’s Refreshing”

That expression keeps coming back in my mind again and again that past few days and weeks. It could be coming from a variety of things:

  • The crazy paced mania that happens when starting up a whole new community connection website, while trying to steal away enough time to enjoy your kids, your wife, and all the great friends you are meeting
  • The elixir of positive momentum that I get the more often both of those areas of my life are thriving and growing by the day
  • The...

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Economic Stimulus Resources: Does Your Business Qualify?

Valparaiso Indiana Chamber of Commerce

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), more commonly known as the stimulus bill, is a $787 billion federal commitment of spending and tax relief with the primary goals of energizing the economy and creating jobs. Approximately $4.3 billion is coming to Indiana, primarily to state government, with some allocations directly to local communities and organizations.

Categories with the largest projected amounts of formula-based funding (a formula distribution means that allocations will be made to certain...

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Good Morning Valpo!


What is ValpoLife.com?

What is ValpoLife.com?

ValpoLife.com, a website that Valparaiso can call home, dedicated to telling the story about the abundance of great things occurring in the Valparaiso area, has just launched!

We are bursting out of the gate with a head of steam, fueled by the energetic response we have received from many city and county officials, school programs, civic and charitable organizations, businesses that serve Valpo, along with many friends and new contacts, as word about the site began to spread.

The whole ValpoLife team is excited to bring together articles, event listings, videos, photos, blogs and other pieces of content that are current, useful, informative, entertaining, and uplifting about the people, organizations,...

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Book Review: The Change Function: Why Some Technologies Take Off and Others Crash and Burn

Book Written by Pip Coburn
Book Summary by Chris Mahlmann

In the last year or two, how many times have you heard the word “change”? 1,000? 10,000? Between the political campaigns, the economy, and the world all around us, “change” seems to be as inevitable as death and taxes. The business world is no...

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Thomas Felter

Thomas Felter, Jr.Thomas Felter Jr. has been named Porter’s “Associate of the Year” for 2009.

Felter, a paramedic with Porter’s Emergency Medical Services for the last 12 years, is a familiar face in the community. He grew up in South Haven fully intending to pursue a career as a photojournalist.

“This was a career that picked me,” Felter said of his decision to become a paramedic. “I was with the Volunteer Fire Department in South Haven and that exposed me to working on the ambulance. “I chose to become a paramedic – it is my way of helping people in a crisis.”

He does not consider anything he...

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