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Visclosky Votes to Endorse Balanced, Long-Term Budget Solution


Congressman Visclosky voted yesterday in support of the Schrader-Cooper-Wolf-Gibson Amendment to the Republican-backed “Require a Plan D Act.” The Amendment recommends that the findings of the Simpson-Bowles Commission, a balanced package of revenue and spending reforms, should form the basis for future budget talks in Washington. The Amendment offered by Rep. Schrader (D-OR) received the support of 53 Democrats and 22 Republicans in the House of Representatives. The Amendment failed, 348-75.

“As we enter yet another round of high-stakes budget negotiations, I remind my colleagues of the choice before us: we can either govern by sound bite or govern by making thoughtful, deliberate decisions about the country’s fiscal future,” Congressman Visclosky said following his vote. “It’s tempting to offer plans that do nothing to resolve our debt and deficit challenges and appeal to narrow constituencies, but political grandstanding won’t solve these problems.”

Congressman Visclosky plans to host an interactive “How Would You Balance the Federal Budget” event with the Concord Coalition on Monday, March, 11, 2013, from 6-8 PM at the Grand Metropolitan Ballroom of the Radisson in Merrillville. During the event, participants will become mock Members of Congress and work in teams of six, evaluating real federal budget proposals and finding ways to reduce the deficit.

“Yesterday’s vote further highlights the importance of this event,” Congressman Visclosky said. “Our current ‘crisis-mode’ fiscal policies neither provide the American people with certainty nor allow for the investments in education, infrastructure, and workforce development that will provide for a prosperous economic future.”

Space is limited for this event, so interested participants are encouraged to contact (202) 225-2461 or (219) 795-1844 to request space as soon as possible.


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