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Muller Acura Employee Spotlight: Amy Dance


Amy Dance started at Muller Acura in Merrillville four years ago as a part-time receptionist, but as she took to the new job, it became clear to owner, Glenn Muller, that Dance was destined for a more central position at the dealership.

Dance had a background with Southwest Airlines that honed a happy-go-lucky attitude into a fine-tuned machine. She brought this attitude to bear in her capacity as receptionist at Muller Acura. However, within a year, Muller recognized her talents and appointed Dance concierge of the dealership.

“I’ve got the best job in the world. It’s just making people smile and laugh. I bake them cookies while they wait for oil changes. We have massaging units, foot massagers, and I just make sure everyone is happy at all times,” Dance said enthusiastically.

Dance deals primarily with customer service and keeping customers happy and comfortable. Her role is central to ensuring customers continue to come back and have excellent experiences at Muller Acura.

“Where else would you go for an oil change and have cookies, massagers, fun laughs and gifts? That’s what we’re about,” said Dance about the exceptional level of care she and the staff take to keep people happy.

Dance was born and raised in Chicago but has been living in Northwest Indiana since the 70s when she moved to Lakes of the Four Seasons. According to the concierge, her caring, fun-loving and giving attitude is one that has followed her since the time of her youth and certainly hasn’t dulled since then.

“My mom always said I wear my heart on my shoulder. So, it’s just part of me to be fun and loving and caring. I love people, and my customers can just tell,” said Dance.

Her attitude toward her job isn’t surprising, given the excellent work culture at Muller Acura. Owner Glenn Muller has made the work atmosphere about service, teamwork and safety which cultivates a family feeling. This helps make sure things run smoothly for the customer from sales to service and back out the door to the next experience with them.

Having fun events for customers, like hot dog roasts or other events, is also important to Muller Acura and keeps people coming back and getting to know the staff at the dealership. They even gave away a large TV at Popcorn Fest this year for a lucky Valparaiso resident. This focus on excellent customer service also gives Dance an excuse to bake the famous cookies that have earned her the moniker, “Cookie Lady,” amongst visitors of the dealership.

Keeping employees happy is important at Muller as well, prompting the dealership to have occasional team building days on Sundays, and days out at Dance’s farm in the country. Her farm is in Crown Point and gives her colleagues some acreage to have fun riding dirt-bikes and go-carts, and the chance to enjoy each other’s company while relieving some stress.

Still, things aren’t always sunshine and rainbows one hundred percent of the time, as anyone in customer service can attest, but Dance doesn’t mind that one bit.

“I love my job. It’s the best job in the world. I like taking a lose-lose situation and making it a win-win, and it’s really easy,” said Dance.

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