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Chris Ylo finds his niche at Lakeside Wealth Management

Eventually, everyone finds their niche. Chris Ylo, Financial Advisor at Lakeside Wealth Management, discovered his through an adventurous career journey that inevitably landed him his dream job.

Ylo was born in the Philippines and moved to the Chicago Heights area when he was 8. Years later while living with his wife in the heart of Chicago, Ylo was looking to settle down and start a family. This decision led him to quaint Northwest Indiana.

Last December, Ylo joined the Lakeside Wealth Management team and believes he has found his perfect fit.

“The culture of a team environment really drew me to Lakeside. In this day and age, you can’t be everything to everybody. There’s so much information out there that it’s hard to be an expert on everything. Everyone at Lakeside pitches in when you need guidance on a certain project,” Ylo said. “The structure of the company isn’t competitive like other environments can be. We are always willing to help each other out in order to get the best outcome we can for our clients.”

Ylo specializes in retirement planning and says that one of the most rewarding parts about his work at Lakeside Wealth is being able to see how far his clients have come since he first began working with them.

“I’ve been invited to retirement parties and college graduation parties in the past. Hearing clients say a few words and recognize the guidance I’ve given them on how to get from point A to point B has been really rewarding,” Ylo said. “Many of my clients didn’t know they could address certain financial goals before coming into my office. After working together, they started to understand and work towards those goals."

Ylo advises a wide range of clients from all walks of life, providing strong guidance toward long term financial plans, such as retirement planning and savings.

“There will always be big life events that come up, which sometimes makes it hard for clients to focus on the long-run. We really try to help them understand that planning for the future is important. It’s even more important to begin planning early,” Ylo said.

Lakeside Wealth Management feels passionate about community involvement, and this passion is shared by employees. Ylo is actively involved with Munster Indiana Lions Club, a non-profit helping people worldwide who have eyesight, hearing and other physical problems. He has been

the club secretary for a number of years and has also served as club president. Ylo also has received the Lion of the Year award for his outstanding dedication and commitment to the club.

“Lakeside Wealth’s vision and passion for giving back to the community aligns with my passion for volunteer work as well,” Ylo said. “We’ve been very fortunate and successful as a company, so it’s nice to be able to give back and help where we can. We want to see our community do well and see different programs within it become well established.”

Being new to the company doesn’t stop Ylo from planning for his future with Lakeside Wealth Management.

“I see tremendous opportunity for me to help grow the retirement planning aspect of the business, and to focus on all the individuals who are trying to navigate this part of their journey,” Ylo said. “Lakeside is growing and has plans for even bigger growth in the future. There is so much opportunity for the firm and everyone within it to develop and find their niche.”

Outside of work, Ylo aims to stay level-headed and never takes his or his family’s health for granted. While working in Chicago with a previous company, Ylo worked with a number of investment firms that were located in The World Trade Center during 9/11.

“I think about the people who were in the Trade Center all the time. They were all such successful and accomplished people who were so talented at their work. It makes me realize that nothing is truly as important to you as your health, and to never take things for granted,” Ylo said.

Ylo never loses sight of how lucky he is to be able to do what he loves most while working at Lakeside Wealth: helping his clients in the best way he can.

“Our company is doing all the right things while we try to grow. My co-workers and I are extremely focused on teamwork and this helps us become even more client centric. It’s all about the relationship we build with our clients and working with them to reach long term goals.”

Chris Ylo is a registered representative with First Allied Securities Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC. For more information about Lakeside Wealth, visit http://www.lakesidewealth.com.

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