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Laura Schrage Campbell Joins Redevelopment Commission

Laura Schrage Campbell has been named to the Valparaiso Redevelopment Commission, announced Mayor Jon Costas. “We welcome Laura’s expertise and direction,” said Mayor Jon Costas. “Her background will add so much to this important commission that shapes our city for years to come,” he said.

Campbell has a Master’s degree in business from Valparaiso University and has worked in New York City; Washington DC; and Bethesda, Md. She is currently working with Centier Bank, managing the redevelopment of Schrage Mansion. Campbell grew up in...

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So How You Doin?

Hi there Valpo friends, family, and fans of the site,

This has literally been the busiest week of my own life, and our young life as a site, this past week with loads of events, stacks of new content in article, event listings, photo, and video form, and an even bigger surge in traffic, members, Facebook or Twitter fans, and any other measure you could use than we have ever had. We wrap it up tomorrow at the Valpo Triathlon, where we will have a crew all over the course, and we’ll be meeting many of you at a table we’ll have set up where you can come by and say hello. Incredibly exciting times, and wherever I go, I almost always get asked two...

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Diversity is All Around Us

Many who I have talked to in the last few weeks may get the impression that I think Valpo is a perfect community, without any flaws or weaknesses, issues or challenges, and that every person that you encounter as you go about your life here is a saint.  Valpo is no different in some ways than any other community across the country, facing economic, environmental, political, social, educational, and community challenges. So whether they be related to taxes or tolerance, education or the environment, there will always be plenty of work to be done, so that we collectively can truly live up to meaning of the Valparaiso name – Vale of Paradise.

It is still important to reflect however, lest we forget or fail to appreciate, the strengths of this...

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Why Does Every Athlete Need a Coach and You Don’t?

coachesBasketball season is going strong. With the NBA's superstars trying to lead their respective teams to this season’s championship. Although these athletes are, unquestionably, the leaders of their respective teams, they cannot accomplish their goals alone. These superstars need the team around them and, perhaps more importantly, they need their coaches.

Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan never won a title without Phil Jackson. Tim Duncan never won a championship without Greg Popovich. These were some of the best athletes in the world, men who have mastered their craft. Despite this, they still need coaches. Why is this?

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Friday Morning - Full of Opportunity

Good Morning Fellow ValpoLife Bloggers,

Someday we will look back at our early attempts to create meaningful content that the people and business serving Valparaiso come to from us every day, and be proud of our first few efforts to get the momentum going.  Let's actively practice the kind of reporting that we think the members of this site will be attracted to, and will make a part of their every day consumption of information on the web about their local community and all the ways that they participate in that community.  That may be through reviewing restaurants, shopping experiences, car repair, financial advice, day care providers, school programs, government initiatives, youth sports, charitable or religious activities we are each involved in, and a litany of communication tools that we can provide these...

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Making Great Progress!

Especially over the past few days I have been very excited to see the kind of progress this site has made and the way in which everyone is going about working on it and figuring out all the pieces and parts that will not only help us build a great site that is an awesome resource for people in Valparaiso, but also a site that we can easily administer, enhance, and build upon.

Trying new technology, being open to each others ideas about how to organize the content, what tools we can use to display the content, and what kinds of things our readers are really going to want to find on our site and how they are going to want to find it is exciting to be a part of.

Thanks to everyone for all of their help, and let's close out this week with a big day of progress on formalizing the paid profiles, getting the form in place to load up large amounts of content for the free profiles, and beginning to practice blogging by everyone on the team.

This is fun to see this...

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