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BoyConn Printers Helps the LIFE Network Shine!

As the LIFE Sites have continued to grow online, we found that we needed ways to grow offline too--posters, flyers, handouts, you name it!

We were lucky enough to come across BoyConn Printers, who have helped us print a variety of awesome pieces. Whether it was a standard 8.5" x 11" handout, a multi-page media kit, or a large poster, BoyConn was ready for the challenge!

Click on any image below for a larger version of that project!

Media Kits

We had been printing our media kits on standard computer paper, but BoyConn recommended a glossier finish and a classier format--four pages front and back, all attached, instead of our usual staples or three-hole punched binder look. The difference was immense! Not only did we look more professional, the improved style was a definite eye-catcher at meetings.

(Back, Front, and 2 Inside Pages)


BoyConn also printed posters for our recent iPod Touch and iPad promotions. We had never printed posters before, and knew nothing about the details--what size would work best? What type of paper? But BoyConn listened to the details of the promotion and was able to recommend exactly what we were looking for. The finished product is big, glossy, and looks professional--much more professional than printing our design on regular computer paper at a smaller size. This design instantly gave the contest a legitimacy boost, since the marketing materials had a classy and professional look. We distributed the iPod Touch posters all over town, and between those and the online promotional info, we received hundreds of entries.

They were able to print the exact quantity we wanted in an extremely timely fashion. Once they had the artwork, the posters were ready for pickup in less than a day. That kind of turnaround is incredible, and it's especially helpful for any business that constantly runs at high speeds. We were able to pick them up and keep running full-speed, which is something incredibly important for us.


In addition to all of this, we recently printed a two-sided flyer highlighting some of our top contributors and advertising partners. This is on an 8.5" x 11" glossy paper. We didn't have to spend a lot of time considering different types of paper or looking at samples--we just gave BoyConn a few notes on the type of paper we had in mind and they selected the type that would work best for us. A day later, these were in our hands. You just can't beat that kind of turnaround.

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  • Click Thumbnails Below to View Larger Versions

Also, fitting in all of those names and logos was no easy task - kudos to Shawn, our main graphic designer, for all of her hard work with this flyer and any other crazy design projects we throw at her!

(Front and Back)

The Result

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Getting our materials professionally printed:

  • Helped increase the visual value of our business
  • Helped us appear more professional to existing clients and potential clients due to the higher quality paper and style
  • Did not slow down our projects or processes, thanks to BoyConn's quick turnaround

Are you looking to give your own business's printed marketing materials a boost? Then make sure you check out BoyConn Printers--they've done a fantastic job for us, and we'll keep going back!

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