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Why You Should Back Up Your Data

"But, my data isn't valuable enough to back up every day."

2013: How often do you back up ALL data on your computer?

29% Never

22% Yearly

17% Monthly

13% Over a year

10% Daily

9% Weekly

Some people tell us that they don’t need to back up every day, for them once a week or even once a month is fine. At that point they back up their computer, usually manually, to an external hard drive or a USB stick and they’re happy. But nearly half of the businesses, accumulate 6 or more months’ worth of photos, videos, documents, spreadsheets, etc., before they back up their computer. Think for a minute about the files on your computer that you added or changed in the last six months. What would you lose if they were gone, forever?

Question: Do you think data backups are important?

If you do nothing else today, make sure your data backups are working (and tested) and that you understand how quickly you could recover a system should it fail.

Ensure that your business can continue doing business in the event of a disaster. To learn more about Backup Disaster Recovery, contact Impact Solutions (877-262-9140) to setup a complimentary meeting to assess your needs.


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