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iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Competition for the iPad has begun arriving, and more is on the way. As far as I can tell, the biggest source of competition seems to stem from the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, which will run on the Android operating system. 3G will be available from four different carriers, compared with the iPad's only choice (AT&T).

Aside from different operating systems, the two devices have some noticeable differences--for example, the screen size. The Samsung Galaxy Tablet's screen is 7 inches, while the iPad's is 9.7. This could be good or bad, I guess, depending on what you prefer and how you plan to use the tablet. (An article with more details on the differences and the specs of the Galaxy Tab here.)

No pricing info for the Samsung Galaxy Tab has been released yet, although it's supposed to hit stores November 26, 2010 (Black Friday). Check out the promotional video at www.samsung.com (click the small video thumbnail in the lower righthand corner of the giant slideshow). It makes the Galaxy Tab look pretty cool, but do you think it has what it takes to stand up to the iPad?

Personally, I still want an iPad, but I do believe some cool non-phone Android electronics are in our future.

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