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Cuban: Why You Should Never Listen to Your Customers

The other day I was grazing the web for some interesting insights in the world of business when I came across Mark Cuban’s Blog Maverick blog. I read his latest post, "Why You Should NEVER Listen to Your Customers", because if Mark Cuban is anything besides successful in business, it’s interesting.

When talking about a fast-moving company he is involved with, he explains his thought-process in discounting customer...

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Solving the Procurement Puzzle

It’s such a big, lumbering word for what should be a straightforward process. Procurement is the 11-letter moniker for what I like to call bringing buyers and sellers together. Or simply doing business. And now a new ePortal — Indiana Supplier INsight — is in place to make the job easier for Hoosier companies.

Launched by Conexus Indiana, the powerful but easy-to-use (and free) system encourages Indiana companies to do business with other firms within the state. Businesses create searchable online profiles, while others provide detailed listings of supplier needs. The technology...

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PNC Presents Economic Development Workshop

Purdue University North Central and the PNC Center for Economic Development and Research (CEDaR)purdue-north-central will present an economic development workshop, "Implementation of Property Tax Caps: a Primer" with Dr. Larry DeBoer, Purdue University professor and extension specialist in Agricultural Economics, on Wednesday, April 28 at 7 p.m. in the Library-Student-Faculty building Assembly Hall, Room 02. The event is free and open to the public and will be of interest to all individuals interested in economic development.

Take Flight: Marketing Maneuvers to Propel your Business to New Heights

propel.pngProfessional, Peer advice

Three sessions combine experts' presentations, roundtable discussions and a question-and-answer segment.

  • Jim Roos will focus on marketing basics.
  • Leanne Hoagland-Smith will spotlight how to answer "What do you do?" in 10 words or less.
  • Kathy...

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Xocai Healthy Chocolate

At the crossroads in life, who wants to look at a dead end?

Recently we searched for a change in careers based on the obvious, well-beaten path.xocai-chocolate When that path suddenly became blocked, we questioned which way to go. As usual, God had another plan for us. The same day that path was blocked, we were introduced to a path that we didn't realized was there.

That path led us to Xocai Healthy...

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Job Orders Increase in Northwest Indiana

According to findings by the Northwest Indiana Workforce Board (NWIWB), job orders posted by companies through the state WorkOne system have risen dramatically in March. Indiana Career Connect (ICC), the state's online labor exchange, showed a 40% increase in the number of open and available jobs in Northwest Indiana last month. At the beginning of March, there were a little more than 1,000 open and available positions in ICC. As of Thursday, April 1, 2010, there were more than 1,400 open and available job postings, an increase of 400.

Concurrent with the...

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What the Bulldogs’ Success Can Teach Us About Money Management

Elaine Bedel, president of Chamber member Bedel Financial Consulting in Indianapolis, authored an interesting column today for Inside INdiana Business explaining how you can apply Butler’s winning hoops formula to your finances:

Just as the Butler Bulldogs have a "game plan" for defeating each opponent, you need your own personal "game plan" to be financially successful. By developing your financial skills and being disciplined in implementing your plan, you can achieve...

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Glowbox V.1

It all started out with an idea : create something that will make LEDs glow on and off, and change the rate of that glowing whenever someone gets near the LEDs. So we've bought the parts, we've made a system prototype, and we've wired up an output. Now all we have to do is package it!

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Coming Soon to the iPad App Store!

The team of Jeff Lange, Michael Phelps, Cameron Banga, and Jeff Greco recently developed a game, Tap Blaster HD for the iPhone App Store and soon it will be released for the iPad App Store! tap-blaster-hd

"The game is kinda like Pong in space with multitouch. You defend your home planet using a paddle with one finger while taping on screen with another finger to shoot missiles at your opponents planet. It's got an endless single player mode as well as two player head-to-head on the same iPad. Definitely think the two player will be a killer feature for the app, because...

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Light It Up!

In my 'Lab' I have a Light-up Plexiglass Board. Recently I was asked to recreate it for a friend's art project.

I originally built this project after taking apart some LCD screens. The basic concept that lights up my plexiglass is the sane that lights up your laptop screen! Most older displays use a fluorescent light tube that is placed next to a sheet of plastic about the size of your screen. The light from the tube is diffused through the plastic, and light comes through the LCD. Newer models of LCDs use LED lighting like my projects. Since I'm not backlighting anything I don't need the light to be diffused evenly, but using a more...

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Collider Achieves World Record; Purdue Researchers Part of Experiment

Spring started with a bang for physicists as particles collided at a world-record energy during an international experiment that included the work of Purdue University researchers and students.

On Tuesday (March 30) particle beams reached an energy of 7 trillion electron volts, smashing protons together with three times more energy than had ever before been achieved, during an experiment using the world's largest particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland.

Purdue teams...

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