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Peapod: Bringing Convenience to Grocery Shopping


A few years ago, my lovely wife and I did some time in Chicago. We hated living in the city - which is the main reason we settled back in lovely Valparaiso. However, one thing we missed about living in the city was Peapod.

Peapod is a web based service that delivers groceries right to your door. You place your order online on their website, set a delivery time and they bring it to your house. No more trips to the grocery store. As someone who hates battling the crowds at any grocery store, this is a godsend.

Many people's first question is: is it expensive?

Actually, no. The prices are comparable to the local Wise Way, which we all know generally has higher prices than the other grocery stores in town. You have to pay a delivery fee, but it's $5.95, which is a pittance when you compare the convenience factor.

How's the food? The food is exactly what you'd find in the grocery store. They pretty much carry everything you would normally buy. Their fresh produce is top notch (just like Wise Way - which has great produce). They also carry any fresh meats you'll need. They often has sales and specials from week to week that you can take advantage of. They also take your regular coupons.

Their online shopping interface also makes shopping a breeze. It's easy to find what you're looking for and you always have an idea of how much is in your shopping basket. They also keep track of your past purchases so that you can simply go to a page with them and add what you normally buy to this week's order. It's great. They also carry more than food such as pet food, toiletries, cleaners, etc.

When you schedule delivery, you have many options from set times to time ranges (which usually offers a discount of you can fit into their schedule). If you're not going to be home you have the option of leaving the order unattended (in coolers). They generally arrive within the allotted time window. The driver is always nice. It's considered good form to give him a small tip, especially if he brings everything into your house.

Overall it's a great thing that Peapod has finally come to Valparaiso. We waited for years and now that it's here, we're done going to the grocery store.

You can use coupon code: TRUCK15 to save $15 on your first order.

Jonathan Thomas is the founder of Anglotopia, a site for people who love Britain- whether it's British TV, Culture, History or Travel.

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