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It's Monday. Time To Work. And That's A Good Thing

We all dread Monday's sometimes. Back to work for many, school for lots of people, and a general mood of Monday's are a day to get going because you need to, versus eagerly anticipating waking up and having an awesome day doing something fun.

Due to some twisted genetics, my balance of optimistic the world is a happy place so let's think on the bright side, Monday's are like Fridays are for many. My Irish crazy loving mom give me my love for Fridays, and the thought that the weekend and all of it's opportunity for renewal is upon you. Saturdays and Sundays are pretty awesome waking up and spending time with some of my family somehow. The soul food of the week days. Mondays offer a different kind of joy though for me.

I love what I do, so I naturally like to get back to work at it. And Monday is full of the potential to work at what you love, and love what you do.

This is fishing for me, or watching football, or jogging, or going to a bar or fancy dinner, or lounging in my pajamas watching mindless TV. I would like to enjoy those more often, but for better or worse, I enjoy working. It makes a huge difference loving what you do, versus doing what your job happens to be, no matter what the job is. The overbearing German, wound up, bull headed side just is a lot more at home on a laptop reading, learning, communicating, or watching CNBC, a new release movie, Modern Family episodes, and Bears games that are all TIVO'd and watched with the benefit of fast forward.


I do know that a better balance in everything that all of us do in life is a real goal that needs to be worked on. My screwy mind though makes that all good for me. Spending more hours listening, finding more down time, adding in copious additional family time across a wide variety of spectrums, seeing some friends more often, taking better physical care of myself, are all things I need to do better at. I like waking up every day and getting jacked thinking about working at it.

Have one heck of a Monday. Whatever work you are doing.



Chris Mahlmann is the founder, CEO, and publisher of the LIFE networks and has developed the industry standard for connecting people with all that is positive in their community. Visit Chris on , LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.


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