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Enjoy a Better Life NOW: Get Your Bike Out and RIDE IT!

Do you wish you lived somewhere else? Do you want some fabulous life change to shake up your days? More money? An adventure, new job, house, town? Something (anything) different. I bet lots of us wish we could escape the dull ebb and flow and status quo of our daily life. (Parents, can I get an amen since we add fanny wiping and the stress of littles to our daily rhythm?) What if you could make some life change happen in a magical way right now?

Am I snorting fairy dust? NOPE. You can. For example....I want to live in Colorado. I love the breathtaking views, lots of my family is there and our family cabin too. I also love the healthy atmosphere and lifestyle living in Colorado offers. BUT: We have family here too. John has a great job and we have good friends and our parents nearby so moving away is not a great option anytime soon.


When I first moved away from Denver Colorado and realized on a trip back how much I missed it, I asked myself some questions about what exactly I missed. I think a lot of the times what we THINK we want, simply has some components in it that look like how we want to live. If we can discover that and recreate that for our life NOW...WOWZA!

For me, one of the facets of the Colorado lifestyle I envy is bicycling. At the time I lived in South Bend and worked in an office about eight miles from my house. I decided that even though I didn’t live in Colorado....I could live like I do and bicycle to work. It involved a bad hair day, wet wipes and a shirt change...but I did it! I was so thrilled and scared and proud of myself. I biked to work through a non bike friendly city several times. It was an adventure, a conversation starter, fun and it allowed me to change my life now instead of waiting for someday to come.


Then kids happened. Well marriage first for me, then the kids, and a move to Valparaiso. Still in the area, one hour closer to Colorado....but not quite there. I got a bike trailer from my husband for Christmas two years ago and the kids didn’t love it right away. Poor Libby was all head and helmet and too little to even be able to turn her head. Hilarious in that Yes-I-Laugh-AT-My-Kids kind of way. But last year it was better. Last year they started to enjoy the ride. And I was adventurous...we didn’t just go around the neighborhood, people. We ran errands. Without a car. In a somewhat bike friendly city this time, but still. Drivers aren’t aware of bikes and I have to be vigilant and often (sorry) ride on sidewalks. I’d rather run over a pedestrian than have the girls and I hit by a car...a mama has priorities.

So today wasn’t a humid day and not too warm so we biked again. Libby and I biked Portia to VBS, then we headed to Target, Bath and Body Works and Sally Beauty Supply. We waved at helpful drivers, rang our bell at other bikers, walkers and folks in their yards. We saved money on gas, took great care of the environment, got great exercise and enjoyed life at a slower pace. Wonderfully rewarding despite the sweaty shirt. And underpants. (Just being transparent here friends!)

This works for me. Maybe it isn’t your thing, but can help you pinpoint something that will add excitement and adventure or even life change to your days. You could share with the rest of us your version of life change....we all want more fun more adventure in our daily lives....what works for you or what do you want to try next?


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