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Facts About Kids and Sports Safety


From www.braces.org/miahamm

Injuries can happen at any age or skill level –
More than half of the seven million sports- and recreation-related injuries that occur each year are sustained by youth between ages 5 and 24.*

  • Collision and contact sports have higher injury rates. Baseball, soccer, basketball and football account for about 80 percent of all sports-related emergency room visits for children between 5 and 14 years of age.*

Mouth guard use is very low – Seventy six percent of parents say the thing that concerns them most about their child participating in sports is that he⁄she will get hurt, yet only 33 percent reported that their children wear mouth guards during organized sports.**


Most coaches and leagues are not advising the use of mouth guards – Of the parents whose children do not wear a mouth guard, 59 percent say it's because their child doesn't need that level of protection. Forty percent say it's because their child's coach doesn't require it.**

Hard hits occur no matter what the sport – The average high school baseball pitcher can throw a fast ball between 75–85 miles per hour. This compares to being hit in the mouth by a speeding car.***

  • Cheerleading is one of the most dangerous sports, accounting for 65% of all injuries in high school girls' athletics.****

Some parents surprised that mouth guards protect more than just teeth – Ninety-five percent of parents surveyed reported that they believe a mouth guard could help prevent damage to teeth.**

  • Thirty-four percent did not know that a mouth guard could help prevent against jaw injury.**

Children with braces need to wear mouth guards – One out of every three (31%) parents say their child has orthodontic treatment or braces while playing an organized sport.*

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  • Lacerations can occur if an orthodontic patient´s mouth is not properly protected.

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