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Exercise and Stress

Exercise has always been linked to better mental health, but until recently researchers have struggled to prove why.

Work at the University of Georgia and the Indiana School of Medicine suggests that exercise not only increases the release of chemicals that help the brain deal with stress , but the consistent physical stress put on the body helps condition the brain as well. The chemical responsible is thought to be Norepinephrine, a neuromodulator that is produced in the locus coeruleus. Interestingly, this area of the brain connects most of the brain regions involved in emotional and stress responses.

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Aromatherapy Makes Medical Scents

Remember how you felt when you took a deep breath of that ocean air? What about arriving home to the mouth-altering smell of mom's freshly made chocolate chip cookies? Yes, it's true, we have all been involved with aromatherapy.

Why Do Scents Affect Us?
Scents are an important and integral part of our life. It takes just eight molecules to trigger our sense of smell. This is then linked to the limbic system in our brain, which is the "remote control" of our emotions, memories, intuition and sexual response (Viagra users take note). How often has a certain scent triggered a memory, either good or...

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Shhh... Patients are Healing

The next time you or a loved one is a patient at Porter, you should notice a subtle difference. Not loud or boisterous, the change has to do with what you won’t hear.  Believing that quiet promotes healing; Porter has quietly instituted a campaign aimed at diminishing noise at the bedside, in the nursing stations and throughout the health system.

Whether that has meant oiling squeaky wheels, turning beepers to vibrate or keeping hallway conversations to a minimum, Porter has been doing whatever it takes to minimize noise. Additionally, noise blockers – such as ear plugs and ear phones – are...

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Porter Physicians Made First-Ever Humanitarian Trip to India

For two weeks, Porter physicians Vikram D. Appannagari, M.D., and Nicholas Retson, M.D., along with seven local nurses took their humanitarian efforts to the northern reaches of India, performing nearly 40 surgeries over five days. In doing so, the group became the first international surgical team ever to make the trip to the city of Lucknow in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.


Under the banner of Healing, Health and Hope, Retson, a plastic surgeon, and Appannagari, an...

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The Power and Pitfalls of Andro

Picture this: your 17 year old is at the plate, bases are loaded, the count is full. If he hits it out of the park, his team wins and he may get a college scholarship. Yes, there is a lot of pressure on these young student athletes to perform. In fact, they often look for an advantage, perhaps a pill, to help get that extra competitive edge in strength, speed and endurance. The new buzz word for this trend is "andro", or androstenedione -- the supplement which has received a lot of publicity thanks to the famous home run slugger Mark McGwire.

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Treating Arthritis of The Hip

In the past, arthritis of the hip has been accepted as a painful disability. Many people were resigned to living in a wheelchair. Over the past thirty years, advances in the treatment of hip arthritis, as well as hip replacement surgery, have allowed many patients to return to a normal life. A damaged hip joint can occur because of simple wear and tear, which creates the condition known as osteoarthritis. It can also be caused by chronic disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, prior fracture of the hip, or the extensive use of alcohol or steroid medications that results in a reduced blood supply to the bone, a condition called avascular necrosis. Read more

Apparent Life-Threatening Event

An apparent life-threatening event (ALTE), is the term sometimes given to a prolonged infant apnea spell. It is an episode in which an infant has apnea, or stops breathing for long enough to cause:
  • choking and gagging
  • color change in the skin and lips, first bright red then blue
  • muscle weakness and limpness

Nutrition and Athletic Performance

Nutrition, also called healthy eating, plays a key role in athletic performance (also known as sports nutrition). A healthy diet follows the basic Food Guide Pyramid. Athletes may need to increase their amounts of certain nutrients for peak performance.

Healthy nutrition should be a part of every athlete's training program. Whether an athlete enjoys sports for fun or competition, he or she needs healthy nutrition. The body needs calories and...

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Make Sure Your Little Ones Eat Appropriate Diets

american-father-by-galleryquantumNutrition needs and developmental skills change as a child grows. An age-appropriate diet is one that provides the nutrients a child needs to grow and to develop. It also includes foods that a child likes and can eat easily.

The Food Guide Pyramid from the US Department of Agriculture shows the kinds and amounts of foods that are needed to provide adequate nutrition for children. A healthy...

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Time Was on Her Side

As seen in the Spring 2009 Issue of Stay Healthy Magazine

A little mouse first alerted Bertie Spagna that something wasn’t right. While working at her computer this past January, Bertie was having a problem printing out her work, and her husband had to assist her. After getting her job printed, she went to the kitchen, poured herself a cup of coffee and waited for her friend to arrive for their daily...

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More Physicians, More Impact.

In little less than a year, Porter's da Vinci surgery program has become one of the fastest growing programs in Indiana and now has seven physicians who have undergone detailed, advanced level training where they learned to perform procedures with the robotic system.

"Urologist Mark Dabagia MD was the first Porter physician to use the da Vinci robotic platform and was instrumental in bringing the technology to the area. Adam Perlmutter, DO, a Urologist and the region's only fellowship-trained Urologic...

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