Chesterton Physical Therapy, Inc. Goes Beyond the Basics

Written by Kayla Belec on June 22, 2018

In this day and age of accessibility, itís easy to treat ailments through prescribed medications. The problem is, prescription drugs arenít always the smartest or safest option when it comes to managing pain. Chesterton Physical Therapy, Inc. offers a variety of specialized treatments to manage those tricky circumstances that lead to pain and damage.

Chesterton Physical Therapy, Inc. specializes in physical and occupational therapy. Beyond the more traditional forms of physical and occupational therapy, Chesterton Physical Therapy, Inc. includes specified forms of therapy, such as massage therapy, laser therapy, and other procedures designed to alleviate pain and increase wellness.

Massage therapy has a variety of medicinal uses and health benefits. Massage therapy typically manipulates the muscles and soft tissues of the body, and can relieve pain, reduce stress, rehabilitate sports injuries, address anxiety and depression, and aid oneís general wellness. Plus, the relaxation boost is a nice perk.

Deep tissue laser therapy is becoming more and more common for pain and inflammation treatment. This form of treatment is beneficial because itís long-lasting with no undesirable side effects and can be used in both acute and chronic conditions such as low back pain, bursitis, or chronic neck pain. The treatments are very briefóusually 5 to 10 minutesóbut some patients will wish the experience lasted longer. Contrary to the intimidating title, laser therapy is actually warming, gentle, and soothing. Win-win!

For many people, lower back pain can be an especially crippling experience because it affects everything a person does. Some clinicians will push surgery as the only solution, but Chesterton Physical Therapy, Inc. uses dorsaVi Technology to individually assess each patientís needs. Taking into account the patientís given circumstances and using sensors to pinpoint unique movement related issues and biofeedback, this technology is also a great way to monitor the effectiveness of treatments.

Another alternative to invasive surgery and drugs ó Anodyne Infrared Therapy Systems to treat pain and poor circulation. Patients with Diabetes, PVD or another condition that causes poor circulation can benefit from Anodyne Therapy as well as those who have undergone chemotherapy or a painful injury. Whatever the cause, Chesterton Physical Therapy, Inc. offers this treatment to increase circulation and to reduce pain, stiffness, and muscle spasms.

For patients at risk of falling, or those suffering from neurological, vestibular, orthopedic, or post-surgical conditions, Chesterton Physical Therapy, Inc. features a BioSway Balance System. The BioSway includes a small platform and a visual touch screen, and six training modes that consist of interactive balance games. These balance games encourage weight shifting, proprioception, and control of movement, which allows the body to re-train itself for proper balance and walking.

For those who require reactive training, Chesterton Physical Therapy, Inc. uses the Core-Tex device. This tool combines dynamic strength, razor sharp reaction, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and balance into one single design, creating the optimal training environment. Not only does this improve balance, it also improves timing, coordination and force production of muscular contractions, as well as stabilizes the joints.

Chesterton Physical Therapy, Inc. also offers ALINE, footwear that helps with major foot-related problems such as Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis by improving support and alignment. Many lower body injuries can be traced back to poor movement patterns; alignment of your body is critical to proper and healthy movement.

With this bounty of resources, Chesterton Physical Therapy, Inc. is the perfect place to find a path back to life uninhibited by pain.

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